Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

To provide our guests with a stuuftastic vacation, we have to set a few rules and agreements. On this page we have written the campsite rules. If you do not follow these rules, a member of our staff may speak to you. If the nuisance is continuous and the rules are not followed, this may be a reason for immediate removal from our park without restitution. The HISWA/RECRON conditions apply to every booking. The HISWA/RECRON Conditions for campsites can be downloaded here. The HISWA/RECRON for rental accommodations can be downloaded here. Conditions are subject to changes and typing errors. If you have questions about the rules, you can get in touch with us.
Payment terms 

Payment conditions depend on the booking. Are you booking a vacation that will only take place in five months or later? Then you can split the payment into three terms. The first term is 40% and has to be paid within 3 days after the booking. The 2nd term of 35% has to be paid at least 153 days (around 5 months) before arrival. The 3rd term has to be paid 42 days (6 weeks) before the arrival date. Important: for payments lower than 100 Euro we do not use terms.


  • You are booking a vacation that will take place in two weeks. In this case we ask you to directly pay 100%, since this falls within the 42 days before arrival.
  • You are booking a vacation that will take place in 3 months. In this case we ask you to make an initial payment of 75%, since the arrival falls within the 153 days (5 months).

You are booking a vacation that will take place more than 5 months from now. In this case we ask you to make an initial payment of 40%, since the arrival date falls outside of the 153 days (5 months).

Game rules on Stuufisland 

1. From what time are we welcome at the park for our vacation?

The arrival and departure times indicated on the booking confirmation are leading. Entering the pitch earlier on the day of arrival or leaving later on the day of departure is not possible, this also applies to our facilities. In the low season (out of school vacations) we are happy to look into possible options for our campers. Upon arrival and departure, it is possible to drive an extra car onto the site. We ask you to unload the car as soon as possible and park it in one of the parking spaces, see here where the parking spaces are located.

2. . What are the rules regarding alcohol, narcotics and behavior at the park?

In order to offer all guests with a great vacation, the use and/or possession of drugs and/or the excessive consumption of alcohol on the campsite is forbidden. Expressing discriminatory language and/or purposefully insulting others based on their spiritual or political convictions, mistreating owners, staff or other guests and endangering people and property at the campsite is also not allowed. This can all be a reason for immediate removal from the campsite without restitution.

3. Do you offer entertainment/ activities at the park?

Yes we do! We offer an ongoing animation program with fun activities for ages up to and including 11. Outside the weekends and school vacations, we offer a unique toddler program, with mostly activities for the youngest to five years. Of course, the play castle, Chilz playroom and indoor pool are also open every day and freely accessible to our guests. Participation in activities of our animation team is entirely at your own risk. The animation program as displayed online applies.
*View our current opening hours here 

4. When can I cancel my vacation?

When making your booking, you can book cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance has to be purchased immediately during the booking process, unless you already have continuous cancellation insurance elsewhere. In case of an actual cancellation with restitution of the paid amount, the conditions of the cancellation insurance will be adhered to. If you haven't taken out cancellation insurance, and do want to cancel the booking, then this will go according to the conditions of the industry association HISWA/RECRON.

5. Where can I park my vehicle during the vacation?

It is possible to park one car or motorcycle at the pitch/accommodation (unless it is a car-free pitch, in which case one vehicle can be parked in parking lot 1 free of charge). We also offer the possibility, for accommodations for more than 6 people, to park 2 cars at the place. If an additional car or motorcycle comes with you, it must be parked in the parking lot at the applicable rate. Scooters and mopeds are not allowed on the grounds. It is not permitted to park the car in a non-rented area. Additional vehicles can of course be parked in parking lot 2 (P2) free of charge.

6. Are barbecues and fire pits allowed?

Barbecuing is allowed, as long as a bucket of water for potential accidents is present and the other guests don't experience any nuisance from the barbecue. The barbecue must not be placed directly on the ground. Fire pits are not allowed in the grounds. If it is (extremely) hot weather for a prolonged period, we can inform you that a barbecue with coal is temporarily not allowed.

7. Is there camera surveillance at the park?

For the safety of our guests and our staff, there are cameras at multiple location in our grounds. Footage is exclusively used if needed due to calamities. 

8. May I receive visitors during my vacation?

Of course it is possible to host guests during your stay!  However, they must be registered at our reception desk and the applicable rate must be paid. In connection with any emergencies, we are required to register the number of guests. The cars of day visitors can be parked in one of the parking lots. Our camping guests are responsible for (the payment of) their visitors. Day visitors must have left the premises by 10 p.m. Visitors' pets are not allowed on the campsite.  Your visitors may use the indoor and outdoor swimming pool for an additional fee.

9. Do you offer the possibility if charging my car electricity?

It is possible to charge your electric car at the designated charging point in parking lot 1 (P1). It is not allowed to charge electric cars on a camping spot or at an accommodation.

10. Are bikes, go-karts and electric vehicles allowed in the central square? (Stuuf square)

Of course you can explore Stuufisland by bicycle or go-kart. Only on our Stuuf Square these vehicles are not allowed, you can place them in the designated storage(s). 

Electronic vehicles such as an oxboard, drone, electric skateboard are not allowed on our park for the safety of our guests and staff.

11. Are pets allowed and where?

Pets are only allowed in the designated areas and always have to be on a leash (also at the space itself). If a pet, in whatever way, causes a disturbance, then we have the right to ask our guests to remove their pet from the campsite. Pets have to be registered in advance for the applicable fee. 1 pet is allowed per composition. Pets are not allowed in our communal spaces, with the exception of the terrace in the Stuuf square and our restaurants. Pets must only be walked outside of the campsite. 

12. What is allowed in terms of groundsheet and side tents?

  • Campers are allowed to place a breathable/air permeable tarp under the awning, this way the grass can continue to grow during the season. It is only possible to place a tarp directly in front of the camping equipment. 
  • By default, an additional tent may be placed on each pitch, the maximum permitted size of this is 4 m2. Should you wish to place a second extra tent, please inform our reception for the possibilities. 
  • The camping equipment must be placed to the right of the number post and facing the playground/middle of the field.

13.Can we receive guests? 

Of course you may receive guests during your stay, as long as the maximum number of persons per place/accommodation is respected. A stay with us applies only to the registered persons. In case of lodging or subletting to others, there will be an additional charge per night. In connection with any emergencies, all guests must be registered in advance at the reception desk. Our camping guests are responsible for (the payment of) their lodgers.

14. Where can I dispose of the trash?

You can dispose of your trash in the environmental area near the barrier. We ask you to separate your trash, rest trash, paper and glass, and to deposit it in the correct container. You can deposit batteries in the designated box which you can find at the main entrance.

15. When does the night's rest start?

The night rest starts in the evening at 11 pm. It continues until 7 am the next morning. During this time it has to be completely quiet in the grounds. For the benefit of our guests, a night watchman might be present to check this. After 10 pm you can no longer enter the grounds by car.

16. Are party tents allowed at the park?

  • A party tent is allowed only when it replaces awning and must be placed against the front of the camping device/awning.
  •  The party tent may not exceed 3 by 3 meters and the sides may not be closed. 
  • The party tent must be well anchored to the ground with stakes on the legs and the roof.
  •  If the party tent is not anchored by stakes, please take it down in the evening. 
  • The neighbors should not be disturbed by this. 

17. Is there a smoking ban at the park?

 Unless otherwise indicated, a smoking ban applies to all buildings, facilities and rental accommodations. Outside you can use the designated ashtrays. There is a smoking ban in the whole indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

18. Does the Zandstuve operate with vouchers?

Only vouchers issued by the Zandstuve are valid. Vouchers are disseminated by email and are explicitly addressed to the email address used for the booking. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and are not transferable. 

19. What are the rules in the pool?

The use of our swimming pool is free for our registered guests and entrance tickets are personal. If day visitors also wish to use the swimming pool and the playing castle, then we will charge a fee (during the vacation periods it is possible that day visitors are not allowed to use the swimming pool). Balls, pool floats etc. are not allowed in the swimming pool. There is no continuous, but limited, supervision at the swimming pool. 

20. What is the maximum allowed speed at the park?

To offer all children safety and the best vacation of their lives, we have a maximum speed limit. The speed limit in all of the grounds is a maximum of 5 km/h

21. Are swimming pools allowed at the park?

It is allowed to place your own (toddler) pool at the campsite / accommodation, however there are some conditions attached

  • The maximum permitted diameter of the paddling pool is 80 centimeters.
  • The paddling pool must be placed as close as possible to the side of the accommodation.

If you do not adhere to these rules, a member of staff may speak to you about this. Conditions are subject to changes and typing errors.