• Child-friendly campsite in Overijssel
  • Camping sites including private sanitary facilities, too
  • Swimming pool including toddler and children pool

Camping with baby

Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve is the perfect children's campsite for camping with your baby, toddler or child. We are offering many facilities which are perfect for camping with the little one with us.

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7 nights
2 people

Comfort camping site

Netherlands, Province of Overijssel, Rheeze
  • Daily check in /out
  • WiFi
  • 8 amperes of current
  • Own water tap
  • View of a play equipment for children
  • water drainage
7 nights
2 people

Pitch with private bathroom

Netherlands, Province of Overijssel, Rheeze
  • Daily check in /out
  • Private sanitary
  • WiFi
  • 8 amperes of current
  • Own water tap
  • View of a play equipment for children
  • water drainage

Baby holiday

Camping with a baby, toddler or child. It may not seem easy, but with the right facilities at our camping village, you'll have an unforgettable holiday. There is a playground on every field on our campsite, allowing you to have a view of the playground from your tent or caravan and you can keep a close eye on your child.

Moreover, all sanitary buildings are equipped with:

  • Toilets for children
  • Baby baths
  • Family showers
  • Microwaves, allowing you to warm up the little one's bottles and jars at any time.

The Buur sanitary building (close to the Watergorgels field) was completely renovated in the winter of 2016 and equipped with special children's sanitary facilities. The children's sanitary facilities are modern, practical and specially decorated with cheerful colors. This is the reason why taking a shower and a bath is a great party for your baby, toddler or child.

Facilities for the baby

Of course, at our children's campsite you'll find child-friendly facilities, as well, such as:

  • A swimming pool with toddler and children pool
  • A play castle & indoor playground
  • A family restaurant where we serve pancakes and children's menus
  • Animation program with the Cobusclub for children up to 4 years old
  • A launderette, because you never know with small children.

Tip: sleep well during your holiday with a baby

A good night's sleep is very important. If your baby is sleeping well, you'll sleep well, too. With the following tips, your child will sleep like a baby during your camping holiday:

  • Sleeping in a different environment and in a different bed can be quite exciting. So let your child get used to the camp bed. Let him sleep in it for a few nights at home. Maybe your youngest one is already used to sleeping in the camp bed because he sometimes goes out to stay.
  • Is your child not yet walking and is he still regularly in the playpen at home? Then you can put the camp bed outside during the day putting some toys in it. This way your baby can still play in the "box"!
  • Is your baby still in the baby carrier area of ​​the baby buggy? Then you can let him sleep in here, as well. He's used to it and therefore very familiar!
  • Make sure that no mosquitoes and other insects can get to your child. Special mosquito nets are available for camping beds.
  • Choose a camping place which is not too noisy. This way your child can sleep undisturbed, both in the evening and during the day.
  • Choose a camping place which is not directly in the sun. This way your tent, trailer tent or caravan won't get too hot. If it is too hot, your child will sleep worse.

Tip: camping outside the school holidays

Camping with a baby, toddler or child has its advantages, as well. For example, camping outside the school holidays is a lot cheaper. The facilities are all open and there is entertainment available in the preseason and late season. If you don't have your own camping equipment, of course you can rent one of our child-friendly accommodations, too. They are ready for a holiday with your baby, toddler or child.

Kindvriendelijke uitjes in de omgeving:

  • Avonturenpark Hellendoorn
  • Familiepretpark de Waarbeek
  • Plopsaland
  • Speelparadijs Octo4Kids
  • Wildlands Emmen
  • Dinoland 
  • Monkey Town

Tips voor kamperen met een baby:

🧸 Lekker slapen tijdens jullie vakantie

Een goede nachtrust is heel belangrijk. Want als je baby lekker slaapt, slapen jullie ook goed. Met de volgende tips slaapt jouw kind als een roosje tijdens jullie kampeervakantie:

  • Slapen in een andere omgeving en in een ander bedje, kan best spannend zijn. Laat je kind daarom wennen aan het campingbedje. Laat hem er thuis een aantal nachtjes in slapen. Misschien is jouw kleine al gewend aan slapen in het campingbedje omdat hij wel eens uit logeren gaat;
  • Loopt jouw kind nog niet en zit hij thuis nog regelmatig in de box? Dan kun je overdag het campingbedje buiten zetten en er wat speelgoed in leggen. Zo kan je baby toch in de ‘box’ spelen!
  • Ligt jouw baby nog in het reiswieggedeelte van de kinderwagen? Dan kun je hem ook hier in laten slapen. Bekend en daardoor heel vertrouwd;
  • Zorg dat er geen muggen en andere insecten bij je kind kunnen komen. Er zijn speciale muskietennetten verkrijgbaar voor campingbedjes;
  • Kies voor een campingplek die niet te lawaaierig is. Zo kan je kind ongestoord slapen, zowel ’s avonds als overdag.
  • Kies voor een campingplek die niet pal in de zon is. Zo wordt jullie tent, vouwwagen of caravan niet te heet. Als het te warm is, slaapt je kind minder goed.

⛺ Buiten de schoolvakanties kamperen

Kamperen met een baby, dreumes of peuter heeft ook zo zijn voordelen. Buiten de schoolvakanties om kamperen is bijvoorbeeld een stuk voordeliger. Ook in het voorseizoen en naseizoen zijn de faciliteiten allemaal geopend en is er animatie aanwezig. Beschikken jullie niet over eigen kampeermiddel? Dan kun je natuurlijk ook één van onze kindvriendelijke accommodaties huren. Ze zijn klaar voor een vakantie met jullie baby, dreumes of peuter!

Booking a holiday with baby