Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Hardenberg area


  • Located in the Vechtdal in Overijssel
  • Cozy towns and villages
  • Many child–friendly outings

De Zandstuve area

Camping village De Zandstuve lies in the rural area of Hardenberg, also called the Vechtdal in Overijssel. A region that is perfect for every vacationer: nature lovers, culture lovers, active people, or young families with children. There is something to do for everyone.

Nature: Vechtdal in Overijssel

Is this The Netherlands? If you visit the Vechtdal for the first time, you would almost doubt it. Yes, the Vecht in Overijssel really flows through The Netherlands, and in the Vechtdal you even find nearly all of the Dutch landscapes. What you do know for sure here, is that you want to take your biking or hiking shoes right away: go out and enjoy! Over narrow paths past waving reeds, over beech lined lanes, past small convex fields with hedgerows and red farm roofs. And then the sand drifts, heath lands, estates, fens, dark forests and the Vecht of course! In the Vechtdal you encounter deer, lizards, butterfly, vipers, meadow birds and birds of prey. Here you are truly in sync with nature for a while!