Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve


No worries! We have clean and luxurious sanitary facilities!

We have four sanitairy buldings, spread around the campsite. Our facilities are provided with heating, a microwave, a centrifuge, a familyshower and dishwashers. Some of the facilities have badybathrooms and bathroom equipment designed for children. We also provided facilities for the handicapped in our sanitary building, named Buur.

Private sanitary utilities: just as comfortable as your own home!

Enjoy the outdoors during your stay, while having the comfort of your own home. Our campsites Buur 28 t/m 31 provide their own private sanitary utilities that consist out of a private shower, toilet and a washing stand. These have been built in 2015. This means that you won’t have to share your sanitary utilities with other guests.

New private-sanitary in 2019
Starting in 2019, there will be new campsites that have their own private sanitary. These will be built on the grounds Berk and Buur.