Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve
Animatie van de Zandstuve


On park
  • Entertainment program for children up to 11 years old
  • Also in the early and late season
  • Professional entertainment team

Entertainment at Zandstuve

Are you looking for a campsite with a professional animation team ready to entertain your children day in and day out? Then De Zandstuve is the right place for you. We offer an ongoing entertainment program with fun activities for children up to 11 years of age. Think of exciting ghost tours, challenging forest games and many sports activities, but also craft activities for the youngest children. Outside the weekends and school vacations there are only activities for the very youngest up to the age of five.

Benieuwd naar ons animatieprogramma? Deze kun je hier bekijken!

“The animation team makes it stuvers fun for the kids with all the activities and shows which makes mom and dad really have a vacation too.”


Age of 0-4 years

The littlest children sing and dance to fun music, do crafts, play with Cobus or watch a cool theater show. Discover toddler weeks at the Zandstuve!

Age of 5-9 years

The slightly older children also indulge in singing, dancing and crafts, as well as having fun during a soccer tournament or a game of boys against the girls.

Age of 9 - 11 years

Especially for the teens, there is Chilz! All teens participate in challenging activities such as laser gaming, sports tournaments, campfire night and a ghost tour.