Welcome at Camping Village De Zandstuve, also known as Stuuf Island!

On this map, you will find additional information for a carefree holiday. Would you like to view or read more information? We would like to refer you to our online environment or the Zandstuve app! Surf to our online environment quickly by scanning the QR code below using your phone's camera!

We would love for you to have fun, and we will do everything we can to conjure a smile on your face from the very start to the end of your holiday. Those who spend their first holiday at our park are often amazed by its many facilities, the natural location, the professional entertainment and musical team, but especially the hospitable and casual atmosphere. Relax and enjoy, because we will ensure that you will be able to spend your vacation free of worries! We wish you a happy holiday!

The inhabitants and employees of Stuuf Island

Stuuf Card & Stuuf Bracelets

Upon arrival, every guest receives a Stuuf Bracelet. This bracelet must be worn visibly during the stay, and grants you access to certain facilities such as the swimming pool. Read more about it at www.zandstuve.nl/voorwaarden

In addition to the bracelet, you will be using the Stuuf Card during your stay. With the Stuuf Card, you can use the showers at the sanitary buildings, as well as the washing and drying machines at the launderettes.

The Stuuf Card is linked to your booking. The cards will be ready for you upon arrival. When you insert your card into one of our readers, it may take up to two seconds before the device in question responds. The shower will start running and the washing machine or dryer will spin.

Upon arrival, a credit of 2.50 Euros will be on the card right away. This can be topped up during the stay. Topping up can be done at our reception desk, as well as at the machine next to our reception desk. Taking a shower costs 0.80 cents per minute. Are you staying at a camping pitch with private sanitary facilities, or at an accommodation with shower facilities? In those cases, you will not have to pay for taking a shower, and there will be no credit on your Stuuf Card.

The Stuuf Card grants you access to the swimming pool. Using one card, four persons can enter the swimming pool at the same time. Is your company larger than four persons? Make sure to bring two cards.

Online environment

Scan the QR code using the camera of your phone or tablet, and surf to our online environment. Our online environment allows yo to conveniently and quickly view our entertainment program, order food online, and book your table at one of our restaurants! Did you know that you can enjoy free WiFi at our Stuuf Square?! Would you like to enjoy WiFi at your camping pitch or accommodation as well? Visit reception.

Or surf to www.zandstuve.nl/online

A true children's campsite!

De Zandstuve is characterized by its child-friendly facilities. Consider our Stuuf Team, for instance! Have you met the inhabitants of Stuuf Island yet?!

Bella the Sea Nymph, she is the underwater school's teacher and is very fond of Berk.

Berk the Sand Ranger, he knows every tracking spell, and knows

everything about trees and nature. Bliz Winter Fox is a really cool,

naughty girl, and not easily scared. Neighbor Sun Fire, he

fell off the sun and it sometimes seems like he's suffering from heat stroke;

he is funny, sometimes cool, but usually he's not. Cobus the owl, well, Cobus

is the biggest hug buddy at the campsite. His nest is located above the

play castle, where he spends most of his time sleeping. But whenever he is awake, he likes to shake every child's hand.

Our Stuuf Team is present throughout the season, and organizes many activities daily. Take a look at the entertainment program in the Zandstuve app, or surf to our online environment!

Stuuf tip!

Did you know we have special children's sanitary facilities at sanitary building Neighbor? You can conveniently shower or bathe your children here. You can

find sanitary building Neighbor at the red field on our map!


Catering venues

Ranging from an ice cream at the swimming pool to a freshly made pizza at our Pizzeria


or a luxurious dinner at our Restaurant. Our catering team ensures that you will get to

enjoy culinary treats during your holiday as well. You can pick unique dishes from our modern menu, prepared using as many fresh products as possible. In the meantime, the children will have the time of their lives at the play corner. We offer special children's menus for them. We also welcome you to enjoy the tastiest french fries, snacks, pizzas and plates to eat at your own camping pitch or glamping accommodation. Would you like to move with the times? In that case, you can easily order your food online!


We offer a large selection at the Stuuf Store, ranging from freshly baked bread rolls and dairy, to fresh vegetables and toys.

Bicycle and kart rental services

Do you not have the option (or desire) to bring your own bicycles,

but would you still like to explore the area by bicycle? You can. We

have children's seats, children's bicycles, e-bikes and city bikes for rent.

Opening hours

Our reception desk and other facilities are opened daily.

Take a look at our specific opening hours at our online environment!

Help & medical care


Always inform us when the emergency number is being called. The reason is that we will have to open the gate and provide directions for emergency services. You can inform us by calling telephone number 0523 - 26 20 27 (even outside of

opening hours) or by using the intercom. A number of employees have received training to be a company aid provider, and can carry out first aid/AED actions. An AED (defibrillator) is available outside of the reception room. There

is a fire extinguisher at each sanitary building, including instructions on the device. Follow the instructions

indicated on the device.

General practitioners

Due to the large number of campsite guests in the area of Hardenberg, a special telephone number is available during the months of July and August: 0523-265843.

This telephone number can be used on working days from 08:00 to 17:00.

Important telephone numbers

General practitioner's office Floralaan | 0523 - 26 58 43

Pharmacy Kooiker | 0523 - 27 19 20

Dentist's office Badhuisplein | 0523 - 21 69 67

Animal clinic Vechtdal | 0523 26 60 66

General practitioner's office outside of working hours | 0900 - 3336333

Hardenberg Police | 0900 - 8844