Cancellation Fund Camping Village the Zandstuve


  • Death, serious illness or serious accidental injury of the insured, family members in the 1st or 2nd degree, or housemates of the insured;
  • Pregnancy of the insured or partner observed after taking out the insurance, which can be demonstrated by a pregnancy certificate and/or complications during pregnancy;
  • Material damage (damage to property/material objects) to the property of the insured, rental home of the insured, or the company where he works, which makes his presence urgent;
  • The unexpected availability for the insured of a rental home, or the unexpected completion of a purchased home, but not earlier than 30 days before the start of the booked trip. Provided the insured person was registered as a home seeker more than 10 weeks before making the reservation;
  • A medically necessary procedure that the insured person, his partner or a child living with him may undergo unexpectedly;
  • Unemployment of the insured after permanent employment, as a result of involuntary dismissal. Provided the dismissal date is up to 1 month after the booked trip;
  • After unemployment of the insured, who received benefits, and is accepting employment of at least 20 hours per week, for a period of at least six months or for an indefinite period, making his presence for the fulfillment thereof at the time of the trip;
  • Definitive breakdown of the insured's marriage, for which divorce proceedings have been initiated. The final breakdown of the marriage is equated with the dissolution of a notarized cohabitation contract;
  • An external incident, such as a collision, theft and fire within 30 days before the start of the package, as a result of which the private means of transport of the insured to be used for the trip is not available and cannot be repaired in time;
  • (Worsening of an existing) illness or accident injury of a family member in the 1st degree, who therefore requires urgent care from the insured, and no one other than the insured can provide this care;
  • Loss or theft of the insured's travel documents necessary for the trip on the day of departure. The insured is obliged to immediately report this to the police and to submit proof.


  • Cancellation of the trip due to an uncertain event as mentioned above (illness, accident or death), as well as due to serious damage to the rented property, which means that it can no longer be used. The maximum benefit is 40 days;
  • Unforeseen hospitalization (at least 1 overnight stay) of the insured, as a result of which termination is not possible, whereby all admission days in the rental period count as unused stay days. This coverage only applies to the admitted insured person and his co–insured family members or 1 accompanying insured person. The maximum benefit is 40 days.


  • In connection with an illness, disorder or abnormality affecting the insured, his housemates or family members in the 1st or 2nde degree, existed or caused complaints in the period of 3 months before the date the insurance contract was signed.
  • Cancellation of the trip due to a (national) pandemic will not be covered by the cancellation insurance.